Cool Diaper Bags

31One of the hardest things about having a baby is getting out the door with all of the stuff you need. From small trips to the grocery store to long, overnight trips, leaving the house with baby in tow can feel like one, humongous chore.

It can be so difficult that some parents can make the argument to never leave the house again during baby’s first year. Fortunately, for those of us who would suffer from a major case of “cabin fever,” there is a whole new plethora of cool diaper bags on the market to make getting out of the house with your baby and all of your baby’s gear a piece of cake.

Diaper bags are coming equipped with more than ever. Really cool ones come with an array of accessories to make users’ lives easier. In addition to functionality, cool diaper bags look the part. They are chic, upscale, and sophisticated, instead of babyish or cartoonish. There are even great bags for dads that are totally functional and look great as well.

Great accessories take a regular bag and elevate it to a cool diaper bag. These accessories include stroller clips for easy mobility, changing pads for portable changing stations, and insulated bottle holders, to keep bottles and snacks the proper temperature. Some of the coolest accessories included a dirty clothes sack, bags that can be clipped together for multiple babies, combination baby bags and baby carriers, magnetic closures, and traveling cases for smaller trips. Some even come equipped with portable, battery-powered charging stations for cell phones and ipods, battery-powered cooling and heating stations, and portable DVD players. Can we say cool to that?

Cool bags have to look the part. Gone are the days of cartoon characters and smiley-faced rainbows gracing the sides of bags. They have since been replaced with bags made of genuine Italian leather, bags with cool “tattoos” on the sides, customized bags with monogramming, and great prints like Burbury plaids, pinstripes, and gorgeous animal prints. For dads, cool bags mask as a regular messenger or laptop bag but still come equipped with all the great amenities of a diaper bag. Cool daddy diaper bags come in camouflage, skulls and crossbones, and any other masculine marks you can think of.

If you have to (or want to) get out of the house with a baby you know you will need a baby bag, so you might as well get out the door with one of the new cool bags on the market. These bags make toting a baby and all of their gear, cool. In fact, a lot on the market today are designed to be used well beyond the years of needing a diaper bag. They are designed to be great-looking, functional bags to carry all of the stuff you use after the years of babies and baby gear. Great diaper bags of today go a long way!