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Baby Shower Games You Could Try

33Planning a baby shower is something that can be a little bit tricky. While the subject matter doesn’t necessarily change, you want something that people haven’t done a hundred times over. This is where the use of some clever and fun baby shower games comes into play. If you are planning a shower, you are going to want to check some of the unique games out.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing these games. However, through the course of the upcoming paragraphs you will get introduced to some of the most unique and popular shower games that you might consider. Having said this, you should consider a few of these later listed games for your own upcoming shower planning.

The first game that would be on a list of really fun and easy to plan games would be a matching game of sorts. This involves getting a number of different candies together and seeing if the guests of the shower can somehow tie these candies to various things involving pregnancy, birth or babies. An example might be Whoppers which can be related to contractions.

Another fun game that you can set up in the background of the fun of the shower would be a game called “When Will The Water Break”. In this game, your guests are only asked to guess a time during the shower itself. You are going to give them a glass of water with an ice cube inside. Within this ice cube is a cake decoration baby. The time is to determine when the ice will melt and free the baby. Closest time wins.

A unique game that you can try for your shower would be a guessing game. This can be a matching game as well if you so choose. However, the object of the game would be to make a detailed list of different animals and have the participants attempt to name what the appropriate name of a baby would be for the particular animal. For instance, a goose has a gosling and an ant has an antling.

A memory based game is always a fun one to have as well. Dress someone up in all kinds of baby gear from head to toe. Allow them to present themselves in front of the group for two minutes. After this time have the guests attempt to name all of the items that the model was sporting. The guest with the most right wins the game.

There are all kinds of baby shower games. Hopefully some of these might do the trick for your shower, or perhaps have inspired you to put your own twist on these classics. Either way, it should be quite a lot of fun for all.

Unique Baby Bedding

32Many of today’s parents are tired of the typical baby nursery themes. Winnie the Pooh, Thomas the Train and other familiar characters are not longer taking center stage in the world of crib bedding. A new trend has emerged, replacing the primary colors and packaged crib sets, parents now want DESIGNER baby bedding, UNIQUE baby Bedding, STYLISH baby bedding that will blend in with the rest of their home decor.

A crib set should be unique to your personal style and nursery. Choose baby bedding that you fall in love with, a set that suites your taste and the feel of your home. In today’s online world of stylish baby and children’s boutiques, the choices are unlimited. It is very easy to find a crib set that fits your taste.

The first step is to determine what your style is and how much of it do you want to bring into the baby’s nursery. You can design a nursery that incorporates all the decor elements of the rest of the house or try to simply bring in a few key elements of your style. Create a nursery that you will long to spend time in by filling it with what you love. Find a baby crib set that suites YOUR style!

If your style is classic: you are drawn to traditional design elements and sophisticated details.

Serena and Lily create stunning crib bedding that often has a classic feel yet is still HIP. They focus on luxury fabrics, simple textures and often elegant patterns.

If your style is modern: you are drawn to crisp lines, bold colors and patterns. No pastels here, modern is not meek and quite… it is full of life. Modern baby bedding comes in many colors, styles and patterns and it is often gender neural which can be a great option for those parents strong enough to wait for the surprise. We LOVE the unique Caden Lane Crib Bedding, their Avery Crib Set will fit right into a modern nursery!

If your style is vintage: you are drawn to flea market finds and items with a story to tell. You probably love design touches that evoke feelings of the past. We feel Pixie Dust crib bedding captures the vintage feel, with a childlike twist, soft fabrics and a strong nod to fun. You could really get inspired by their vintage toys baby bedding set!

A new baby brings about Sweet Beginnings! Enjoy this time and the magical space you create for your little one and for You! Find unique baby bedding that you fall in love with! Create the baby nursery of your dreams!

Trina Dunn is the co-owner of Polka Dot Moon, a baby and children’s boutique specializing in nursery and kids decor, kids furniture, baby gear and unique baby gifts.

Cool Diaper Bags

31One of the hardest things about having a baby is getting out the door with all of the stuff you need. From small trips to the grocery store to long, overnight trips, leaving the house with baby in tow can feel like one, humongous chore.

It can be so difficult that some parents can make the argument to never leave the house again during baby’s first year. Fortunately, for those of us who would suffer from a major case of “cabin fever,” there is a whole new plethora of cool diaper bags on the market to make getting out of the house with your baby and all of your baby’s gear a piece of cake.

Diaper bags are coming equipped with more than ever. Really cool ones come with an array of accessories to make users’ lives easier. In addition to functionality, cool diaper bags look the part. They are chic, upscale, and sophisticated, instead of babyish or cartoonish. There are even great bags for dads that are totally functional and look great as well.

Great accessories take a regular bag and elevate it to a cool diaper bag. These accessories include stroller clips for easy mobility, changing pads for portable changing stations, and insulated bottle holders, to keep bottles and snacks the proper temperature. Some of the coolest accessories included a dirty clothes sack, bags that can be clipped together for multiple babies, combination baby bags and baby carriers, magnetic closures, and traveling cases for smaller trips. Some even come equipped with portable, battery-powered charging stations for cell phones and ipods, battery-powered cooling and heating stations, and portable DVD players. Can we say cool to that?

Cool bags have to look the part. Gone are the days of cartoon characters and smiley-faced rainbows gracing the sides of bags. They have since been replaced with bags made of genuine Italian leather, bags with cool “tattoos” on the sides, customized bags with monogramming, and great prints like Burbury plaids, pinstripes, and gorgeous animal prints. For dads, cool bags mask as a regular messenger or laptop bag but still come equipped with all the great amenities of a diaper bag. Cool daddy diaper bags come in camouflage, skulls and crossbones, and any other masculine marks you can think of.

If you have to (or want to) get out of the house with a baby you know you will need a baby bag, so you might as well get out the door with one of the new cool bags on the market. These bags make toting a baby and all of their gear, cool. In fact, a lot on the market today are designed to be used well beyond the years of needing a diaper bag. They are designed to be great-looking, functional bags to carry all of the stuff you use after the years of babies and baby gear. Great diaper bags of today go a long way!

Dressing Up and Cute Kids’ Clothing

30Kids clothing and dressing up goes extremely well together. Parents like their children to be well-groomed at all times, and teaching them how to dress up nicely could be quite a talent when they start growing up. Playtime is a part of growing up, but so is children’s clothing.

Toddler dress up is fun, enjoyable and could sometimes be educational for children. Though boys clothing might be harder to find, it isn’t impossible to look for one. Some parents could spend more for girls clothing, because they could be much more intricately designed and made of more expensive materials.

Babies could join in on the fun too, as there are hundreds of creative ideas centred on dressing up babies with very colourful baby clothing. The fun of dressing up a baby is mostly with the parents, but they must be sure that the clothes are comfortable enough to be worn for long hours. Dressed up babies could join other dressed up babies in a dress up party, and this party would be in full swing if most of them are enjoying themselves and feeling comfy in their pretty dresses.

Children’s clothing isn’t exactly cheap, and this is what makes parents think twice about buying outfits for their child. Dressing up children should be fun, but the costs of that enjoyment could hurt a budget of a struggling family. Both child gear and baby gear are fun things to shop for. Many parents feel the need to shop clothes for their child, especially when they are in those times that they don’t ever stop growing and they keep outgrowing the clothes you buy for them.

Dressing up isn’t all about wearing pretty clothes and dresses. It is about fun and enjoyment as your children learns how to socialize with other children their age. It also develops imagination and role-playing in children, as well as teaches them the importance of building relationship with other people.

If you want your baby or your child to have fun dressing up while spending significantly less, a discount store on child clothing is your best bet. There are many online discount stores on baby outfits, but choosing the best one could be hard. Check the material and check the price. Sometimes, you are only paying for the name. Make sure that the brands you purchase could live up to your expectation, or you risk paying for something that would only cause you a headache.

After the birth of her own young children Karen found it difficult to find good quality cheap children’s clothing on the high street or online. This was the catalyst for setting up the Cutie Pie Kids Clothing website.

Luxury Baby Bedding and Baby Furniture to Match Your Baby’s Style

29Many parents only have a vague idea of all of the baby gear they’ll need for their baby. The basics include a car seat (assuming you have a vehicle), a stroller (unless you plan to wear your baby in a wrap, and even then most babies are too heavy to wear by the time they are a year old), an infant seat or high chair (somewhere to place your baby for feeding time and snack time), and a place to sleep. Depending on the parent you speak with, you’ll find that there are many different options for what a baby should sleep in.

You have your standard crib, a playpen (often referred to as a Pack ‘n Play, which is actually the name of Graco’s playpen and not a synonym for playpen or activity yard), bassinets, Moses baskets (these are only appropriate for babies who are not sitting up) and cradles. There are also in-bed and bedside cots for those parents who wish to co-sleep with their babies. These sleeping choices are perfect and convenient solutions for breastfeeding mothers, as they put baby within arm’s reach. Not having to get up and go across the room or down the hall for a hungry baby at two in the morning is always a relief!

Most parents will tell you that the best solution for sleeping is a crib outfitted with luxury baby bedding. A crib grows with your baby, and many convert into toddler beds and even full-sized or queen-sized beds. The crib is the queen of baby furniture, simply because it lasts so long and provides a truly safe haven for your baby. Cribs feature adjustable bottoms and sides. This means that infants can have their crib mattresses raised up so that Mom and Dad don’t have to lean too far into the crib to pick them up or place them down. For babies who are pulling themselves up and young toddlers that are standing, the crib mattress can be dropped to a very low height, so that there is no risk of the child being able to push themselves over the railing and out of the crib.

Once you do select the appropriate baby furniture for your child to sleep in, you’ll need to think about baby bedding. Luxury baby bedding is one choice that many new parents, mothers especially, will often make room in their budget to splurge on. This is because baby bedding is a once-in-a-lifetime investment for your baby, as you only need one dust ruffle, one crib bumper and headboard cover, one blanket or quilt and a few different crib sheets. Not only is luxury beautiful, it also feels super soft on your baby’s skin. While luxury baby bedding is often more expensive than standard crib bedding, you’re paying for exceptional style and quality materials that will last with even the most active of babies.